About Clean Slate

Our Mission

The Clean Slate Initiative is a national bipartisan coalition advancing policies to automatically clear all eligible criminal records across the United States.

One in three Americans has some type of criminal record, and this can create lifelong barriers to opportunity for them and their families.

A criminal record should not be a life sentence to poverty. We believe that people who have served their time deserve a fair shot at a better future. To better achieve equity, especially across race and income, we must transform a justice system that continues to create unnecessary barriers to employment, education, and housing.

The Clean Slate Initiative works with state partners to help provide people with a fresh start.

Our Leaders and Funders

The Clean Slate Initiative is led by Executive Director, Sheena Meade and governed by an Advisory Board and Steering Committee composed of issue area experts, directly-impacted people and a bipartisan collection of national organizations that provide in-kind policy, technical, and advocacy assistance to our state and local partners.

Our funders include some of the most impactful foundations and investing groups in the country.

Our Partners

A diverse coalition of more than 25 groups, our partners include some of the leading national and state criminal justice reform organizations from across the political spectrum, and from a broad array of stakeholder perspectives—including directly impacted people and crime survivors, business leaders, direct service providers, economic justice and civil rights advocates, as well as prosecutors and law enforcement.