Research 6.11.20

Clean Slate Initiative Request For Proposals

Update (February 2021): A key part of the Clean Slate Initiative is fostering independent research to measure the short- and long-term impacts of Clean Slate reforms on people’s lives. Last year we issued a research RFP that outlined research questions on the reach, design, and effects of record clearance and clearance automation that the initiative has identified as crucial to this effort, as well as the process for submitting potential projects. The submission process is closed. We look forward to announcing the selected applicants and sharing the details here on the Clean Slate Initiative site.


Frequently Asked Questions (Updated June 29, 2020)

Does the RFP have any policies about indirect costs?

Funding for indirect costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Note that applicants do not need a detailed budget for the LOI. Applicants invited to submit a full proposal should provide an explanation of indirect costs, if necessary, at the proposal phase.


I am interested in the Category I work, but I do not have the capacity to fully take on the work as described in the RFP. Can I still apply?

We encourage applicants to submit an LOI, even if applicants cannot take on the full scope of the Category I research on their own and/or if they are still in search of a research partner. While we are hopeful applicants will explore collaborations and partnerships independently, the Clean Slate Initiative team is open to facilitating partnerships where possible to help service better project design.

If a researcher is interested but they cannot commit to the full scope of the Category I research project, they can submit an LOI explaining what capacity they do have (e.g., they have capacity in certain states, or they have the capacity to measure certain outcomes). Please be clear in the LOI application whether your organization a) is in the process of finalizing partnerships and/or b) is open to Clean Slate facilitating your collaboration with other complementary applicants. If there is another LOI submitted in search of a partner and with complementary research interests, the Clean Slate team can facilitate introductions to potential partners with the understanding that the partnership would not be binding on the researchers’ ends and that all parties should be comfortable with the partnership before moving forward in the application process.